February 23, 2017

Kian | Three Months Old

Today Kian is officially three months old! It’s been a big month filled with a few key milestones. Additionally his personality is starting to show through as well! Here’s a look at what happened over the last month:


  • Weight – 13.8 lbs
  • Length – 25 inches


  • Squish
  • Cutie Patootie
  • Little Stinker
  • Little Dude
  • Poop Monster


  • ~15-17 hours per day
  • Naps are all over the place; sometimes 45 minutes 3x per day, sometimes one 2-3 hour nap
  • 10-12 hours at night, going down at 7:30ish, sometimes waking at approx. 10pm and 3am for feeds
  • Starts the night in his crib until we head to bed, then sleeps in his Dock-A-Tot in a Pack & Play in our bedroom


  • Breastmilk via a bottle
  • 4- 6.5 ounces per feeding (4-5 feedings per day)
  • 24-30 ounces per day
  • Doesn’t really have a consistent schedule yet for feeding
  • Can spit up quite a bit (still less than an ounce) after large feedings


  • Had his second round of vaccinations
  • Had a bit of a cold/chest congestion for about a week


  • Eating/sucking his hands
  • His new floor gym/toy by Fisher Price
  • Bath time with his Otteroo
  • Laughing and talking (he can talk A LOT)
  • Watching TV (seriously, he’s obsessed when it is on)
  • Being mostly naked on his changing table(s)
  • Being held in a sitting/standing position so he can see everything and everyone


  • Being on his back too long and not being able to roll over
  • Tummy time continues to be the bane of his existence (and ours)
  • Being cuddled/held close for more than a minute or two


  • Slept an 8 hour stretches a couple nights
  • Rolled over to his side a couple times
  • Wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes (3 month only clothes tend to be too small)
  • First night(s) away from Mom/Dad (stayed with Dadi and Dada last weekend)
  • Started using a bouncer/walker (he LOVES being upright)
  • Both parents back at work full time

Dear Kian –

Woah, how are you already three months old? I know I have said this every month so far, but man time is really flying by. You are growing so quickly, it’s hard to believe sometimes. In addition to some new milestones, this last month your personality has really started to develop and show. You continue to be a very happy baby and are constantly smiling, giggling, and talking (boy do you like to talk up a storm at times). You have also started developing a flair for the dramatic and “vocalizing” your opinions very strongly, particularly if you do not like something or are unhappy. You have developed the ability to stick your bottom lip out in a “pout” and use this weapon frequently in getting us (or anyone) to do your bidding. It’s really quite impressive. I think you are going to be quite a handful when you get a little older. We are bracing ourselves for many tantrums.

Over this last month you have gotten physically stronger and more adept. You are much better at Tummy Time though you still don’t enjoy being left on your stomach for too long. You also really like it when someone holds you standing up; you even do little baby squats. It’s adorable. Even though you are still a little too short/young we bought you a bouncer so that you could play sitting up a bit more. This makes me think that you are going to be walking quite early. When not standing you like to be held sitting up so that you can look around and observe the world. You are a very curious little guy, which is awesome! Your neck strength and control has gotten quite amazing. You still bob your head around a little bit, but you can now hold your head up for a good long while. You’ve also gotten better at grasping and holding things, though you still have little interest in toys. Mostly you just grab things when they are presented to your hands, otherwise your hands are constantly in your mouth.

You still sleep like a champ at night (though most nights you wake up at least once between 10pm and 6am). During the day is a whole other story. Some days you will take a 2-3 hour nap, while others you will take a 30-45 minute nap every couple of hours. Hopefully a routine can be established soon. Naps are the best and you are always so much happier when you are well rested. You are also eating pretty well, though it’s inconsistent. Sometimes you will eat a full 5-6 ounces, sometimes you only want 3. Sometimes you can go 4-5 hours in between eating, sometimes it is only 2-3 hours. I suspect it’s because you are a growing boy!

Now that we are both back working full time we don’t get to spend as much time with you, which makes us both sad, but you are in great hands with your Nanny Roxana, and your Dadi and Dada (who just dote on you so very much). It is a bit frustrating that by the time we get home from work we only get 30-60 minutes with you before it’s bed time, but that is the life of being working parents. We make up for it by snuggling you lots on the weekend.

The last month we spent our first two nights without you since we had a wedding we had to go to. You did very well with your grandparents and we missed you lots (though it was nice to sleep through the night uninterrupted). We are pretty sure you grew an inch in those two days away from us!

We are continually impressed with how strong you are and the milestones that you are starting to meet. It is so wonderful to see your personality start to develop, and boy is it quite the personality. You are going to keep everyone on their toes for months and years to come. But honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love you very much and can’t wait to see who you become. Until next month…


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