January 23, 2017

Kian | Two Months Old

Today Kian is officially two months old! Here’s a quick look at what’s happened over the last month:


  • Weight – 12 pounds, 6.4 ounces
  • Length – 23.5 inches


  • Little Dude
  • Squidgie
  • DJ Squidgemaster
  • Kootchie Koo (by Dadi)


  • 15-18 hours per day
  • 2-3 hour stretches during the day
  • 4.5-7 hour stretches at night
  • Sleeps in his Dock-A-Tot in a Pack & Play in our bedroom


  • Breastmilk via a bottle
  • 2-4 ounces per feeding (6-8 feedings per day)
  • 24-27 ounces per day
  • Spits up a little more frequently than last month, but still in small quantities


  • Has mild to moderate Cradle Cap (we treat with Mustela shampoo and lotion)
  • Had his first round of vaccinations at 6 weeks old
  • Has periodically had a stuffy nose
  • Diaper rash has pretty much disappeared
  • No longer has newborn rash


  • Music of all kinds
  • Conversations with Mommy & Daddy
  • Watching hockey in his Boppy with Daddy
  • Having his diaper changed (he often smiles and starts talking)
  • Story time (loves to look at the pictures)
  • Being held so he can see and observe his surroundings


  • Tummy Time
  • Not being fed right away when hungry


  • No longer sleeps in our bed
  • First real giggle(s)
  • Slept in his crib a couple of times
  • Slept a 7 hour stretch at night
  • Wears size 3 month clothes
  • Can hold his head up for at least a couple minutes when he is being held
  • First outing without Mommy or Daddy
  • Mommy going back to work
  • Started wearing cloth diapers

Dear Kian –

How are you already two months old? I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. This last month has been a big one for you. So much has happened and you are already starting to show your personality. At the end of the first month you finally gave us a social smile. Since then you haven’t stopped smiling. When you are happy (which is much of the time) you are so smiley and LOVE to have conversations with everyone, but especially your Mommy and Daddy. I have a feeling you are going to start talking pretty early, and once you do, you are going to be chattering non-stop. You also giggled and laughed a few times in the last month. At first we thought it was a fluke because it was so early (we were expecting it around three months), but we were able to make you do it multiple times. And then today you laughed even more for both your Dadi and for us. Your laugh is so hilarious and precious, though yes, we are a bit biased.

This month you celebrated your very first Christmas and New Years, and you got to spend lots more time with us, your Dadi and Dada, and your Aunt Zarin. You also got to meet your Aunt Shannon, Uncle Brad, and cousins Sawyer and Cooper. They came from Vermont and stayed with us for a few days and just doted on you, especially Aunt Shannon. Your cousin Cooper can’t wait until you are a little bigger and he can teach you how to go sliding and get into all kinds of trouble. They even took you on your first outing to Muir Woods, without Mommy and Daddy. You did so well and were a good little dude. Aunt Shannon sent us pictures and you looked so adorable with your cousins.

You continue to be a champ at eating and sleeping. Sometimes you don’t want to eat your full bottle for us (though you will for Dadi), but you are still eating 24-27 ounces per day. At night you still wake up at least once between 2-4 am for a middle of the night feeding, which is to be expected, but you just chug your bottle and then go right back to sleep. At night you are sleeping a good 4.5 to 6 hours at a time, which is awesome. There were even a couple nights that you slept seven hours in a row! You no longer sleep in our bed, though we aren’t quite ready to transition you to the nursery full time, so you sleep in your Dock-A-Tot in a Pack and Play crib in our bedroom. I hope you continue to be a good sleeper and eater. It’s made these first months much easier.

During this last month you had your six week appointment during which you got your first set of shots. You took them like a strong little guy. You cried for a minute or two and then you were fine. You had a little bit of a fever the rest of the day and were a little extra sleepy, but the next day you were back to normal. You are also suffering from a mild to moderate case of Cradle Cap, but since we started using special shampoo and lotion it has gotten a lot better. Luckily you have a lot of hair so it covers it up on your head. Speaking of that hair, it’s getting longer and longer. You have quite the head of hair, even if it is a little thin. It’s so soft everyone loves running their fingers through.

The day after you turned eight weeks old I returned back to work. You stayed with your Daddy for a couple days. It was so hard leaving you behind, but I know it’s for the best. This month you will start spending your days with your Dadi and your new Nanny, Roxana. It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment, but we know you are in great hands and will have tons of fun while we are at work.

We are so looking forward to all the new milestones you will reach in the coming month. Hopefully you start to enjoy tummy time a bit more so you can begin building your upper body strength. It’s important so that you can start rolling over, crawling, and eventually walking! We also can’t wait to see you start to laugh more, and play with toys. We have started reading to your more and you love looking at the pictures and hearing our voices, so we definitely plan to keep that up! You are such a sweet, content, and happy little boy. We love you so much and we know how lucky we are to call you ours. Until next month…


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