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January 23, 2017

Kian | Two Months Old

Today Kian is officially two months old! Here’s a quick look at what’s happened over the last month:


  • Weight – 12 pounds, 6.4 ounces
  • Length – 23.5 inches


  • Little Dude
  • Squidgie
  • DJ Squidgemaster
  • Kootchie Koo (by Dadi)


  • 15-18 hours per day
  • 2-3 hour stretches during the day
  • 4.5-7 hour stretches at night
  • Sleeps in his Dock-A-Tot in a Pack & Play in our bedroom


  • Breastmilk via a bottle
  • 2-4 ounces per feeding (6-8 feedings per day)
  • 24-27 ounces per day
  • Spits up a little more frequently than last month, but still in small quantities


  • Has mild to moderate Cradle Cap (we treat with Mustela shampoo and lotion)
  • Had his first round of vaccinations at 6 weeks old
  • Has periodically had a stuffy nose
  • Diaper rash has pretty much disappeared
  • No longer has newborn rash


  • Music of all kinds
  • Conversations with Mommy & Daddy
  • Watching hockey in his Boppy with Daddy
  • Having his diaper changed (he often smiles and starts talking)
  • Story time (loves to look at the pictures)
  • Being held so he can see and observe his surroundings


  • Tummy Time
  • Not being fed right away when hungry


  • No longer sleeps in our bed
  • First real giggle(s)
  • Slept in his crib a couple of times
  • Slept a 7 hour stretch at night
  • Wears size 3 month clothes
  • Can hold his head up for at least a couple minutes when he is being held
  • First outing without Mommy or Daddy
  • Mommy going back to work
  • Started wearing cloth diapers

Dear Kian –

How are you already two months old? I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. This last month has been a big one for you. So much has happened and you are already starting to show your personality. At the end of the first month you finally gave us a social smile. Since then you haven’t stopped smiling. When you are happy (which is much of the time) you are so smiley and LOVE to have conversations with everyone, but especially your Mommy and Daddy. I have a feeling you are going to start talking pretty early, and once you do, you are going to be chattering non-stop. You also giggled and laughed a few times in the last month. At first we thought it was a fluke because it was so early (we were expecting it around three months), but we were able to make you do it multiple times. And then today you laughed even more for both your Dadi and for us. Your laugh is so hilarious and precious, though yes, we are a bit biased.

This month you celebrated your very first Christmas and New Years, and you got to spend lots more time with us, your Dadi and Dada, and your Aunt Zarin. You also got to meet your Aunt Shannon, Uncle Brad, and cousins Sawyer and Cooper. They came from Vermont and stayed with us for a few days and just doted on you, especially Aunt Shannon. Your cousin Cooper can’t wait until you are a little bigger and he can teach you how to go sliding and get into all kinds of trouble. They even took you on your first outing to Muir Woods, without Mommy and Daddy. You did so well and were a good little dude. Aunt Shannon sent us pictures and you looked so adorable with your cousins.

You continue to be a champ at eating and sleeping. Sometimes you don’t want to eat your full bottle for us (though you will for Dadi), but you are still eating 24-27 ounces per day. At night you still wake up at least once between 2-4 am for a middle of the night feeding, which is to be expected, but you just chug your bottle and then go right back to sleep. At night you are sleeping a good 4.5 to 6 hours at a time, which is awesome. There were even a couple nights that you slept seven hours in a row! You no longer sleep in our bed, though we aren’t quite ready to transition you to the nursery full time, so you sleep in your Dock-A-Tot in a Pack and Play crib in our bedroom. I hope you continue to be a good sleeper and eater. It’s made these first months much easier.

During this last month you had your six week appointment during which you got your first set of shots. You took them like a strong little guy. You cried for a minute or two and then you were fine. You had a little bit of a fever the rest of the day and were a little extra sleepy, but the next day you were back to normal. You are also suffering from a mild to moderate case of Cradle Cap, but since we started using special shampoo and lotion it has gotten a lot better. Luckily you have a lot of hair so it covers it up on your head. Speaking of that hair, it’s getting longer and longer. You have quite the head of hair, even if it is a little thin. It’s so soft everyone loves running their fingers through.

The day after you turned eight weeks old I returned back to work. You stayed with your Daddy for a couple days. It was so hard leaving you behind, but I know it’s for the best. This month you will start spending your days with your Dadi and your new Nanny, Roxana. It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment, but we know you are in great hands and will have tons of fun while we are at work.

We are so looking forward to all the new milestones you will reach in the coming month. Hopefully you start to enjoy tummy time a bit more so you can begin building your upper body strength. It’s important so that you can start rolling over, crawling, and eventually walking! We also can’t wait to see you start to laugh more, and play with toys. We have started reading to your more and you love looking at the pictures and hearing our voices, so we definitely plan to keep that up! You are such a sweet, content, and happy little boy. We love you so much and we know how lucky we are to call you ours. Until next month…


January 6, 2017

Kian | A Birth Story

This took me a lot longer to write and share than I thought it would and I am not sure why. Every time I would think about writing it down I would get overwhelmed, or find something else to occupy myself with. However, I was determined to get it written down for posterity’s sake. So here it is…only 6+ weeks after he was born…


I was lucky enough to start working from home on November 1st. On November 14th, six days before my due date (November 20th), I went on official maternity leave. For approximately two weeks prior to giving birth every morning I would wake up and wonder if today would be the day. Every night before going to bed I would think to myself “I hope it happens tomorrow”. This was particularly true thanks to the severe pubic pain I experienced the final few weeks, and once my father and stepmother arrived on the 17th. Honestly, with the couple of small scares we had at 29 weeks (bleeding) and 34 weeks (false labor) we thought the baby was going to arrive early. Yeah…no.

At approximately 38.5 weeks I ended up visiting the Birth Center due to decreased fetal movement and fairly regular contractions. I thought for a few moments that they would end up admitting me and inducing, but I was sent home with a nurse telling us she wouldn’t be surprised to see us back within the next 24 hours for the real thing. I am pretty sure she jinxed it. Over the next couple of days my contractions continued, but were no longer frequent nor consistent. They were dilating me but VERY slowly.  At my 39 week checkup with my OB/GYN she did a membrane sweep in hopes of kick starting labor (the pain from the sweep was on par with the pain of pushing the baby out). For the next few days I tried every trick in the book including various foods, prenatal massage with acupressure, vigorous exercise, special teas, and more. Nothing worked. Some days I would have contractions consistently for the entire day only to go to sleep and have them completely stop. Frankly it was maddening. At my next OB/GYN appointment (40 weeks plus 2 days) I still had barely progressed in dilation/effacement; in fact I might have lost progress. I declined another membrane sweep so she offered to schedule an induction if I didn’t go into labor soon. This was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. In severe discomfort and pain thanks to the SPD I asked her when was the soonest she was willing to induce. When she responded with “today” I nearly cried with relief.

After the appointment we headed home to get a few items, let my parents know what was going on, and then headed to the Birth Center. At approximately 1:30 pm on November 22nd I was hooked up to the IV and the Pitocin was started. The first few hours of labor progressed slowly. I could barely feel the contractions, though I could of course see them on the monitor. We passed the hours watching Netflix and Shiraz even left briefly to get some food. At about 4:30 pm my doctor came back and broke my water to move things along further (the weirdest feeling ever, FYI…it legit felt like I peed myself). For the first hour after progress slowly continued. The nurse encouraged me to get up and walk around, while hooked to a mobile IV, in an effort to move things along. After about 15-20 minutes of doing so the pain had gotten bad enough that walking around was difficult (particularly when combined with the pubic pain) so I headed back to bed. Over the next couple of hours things continued moving forward; the contractions getting stronger and the pain getting worse. At about 8:45 pm the pain had gotten to the point where I was ready for the epidural so they sent the anesthesiologist in.

It took a couple of tries to get the epidural right and fully working. It turns out there is a phenomenon where some women get a “window”; a small part of their uterus the the epidural medicine doesn’t reach. When this happens you are numb everywhere except this one small section where you can feel the contractions…and boy does it hurt. And of course this happened to me. They had to send the anesthesiologist back in to move the needle around and rotate me to help the medicine spread throughout. Once they did this and the epidural hit everywhere it was supposed to the relief was instant. I actually felt so good I could have slept…in fact, I probably should have. Instead we watched some Scrubs on our iPad, I talked with my Mom on text message, and we waited for things to progress further. At some point they had to top off my epidural medicine. Around 1 am (this is a best guess because things got hectic toward the end) the nurse came in and checked me and I was finally at 9 cm. It was time to start prepping for delivery…the final countdown, so to speak. For the next hour it was a blur of pushing, intense pressure in places you don’t want pressure, and me wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. Finally, around 2:15 am they called my doctor in for the delivery.

Once the doctor arrived time seemed to slow. I remember the final hour VERY clearly. They thought it would only take another 30 minutes or so for me to push him out so they didn’t give me more epidural medicine when it ran out, as what remained in my body would get me through to the end. Well it turns out it took me about another hour, which means I felt EVERYTHING during the moments when I wanted to feel nothing. As I was pushing I would want to scream and the doctor would tell me “don’t scream, put it all into the push”. Honestly, I wanted to rip her head off, but then I would do what she suggested and it would make my pushes far more productive. I never actually swore or yelled mean things at Shiraz, though I did sternly tell him he had no idea what I was experiencing during the peak of a particularly intense contraction. At one point the doctor and nurse said something encouraging about how I could do this and I just responded with “I don’t know if I can….” in a sad, pathetic, painful tone. Eventually I did do it and Kian entered the world, with a luscious full head of hair, at 3:34 am on November 23rd after 14 hours of labor. The minute he was out I cried with relief that the unbearable pain and pressure was over…oh and because I finally got meet the spawn I had been baking for nearly ten months. Over the next 30-45 minutes my doctor stitched me up (I had a couple bad tears), and the nurses attended to the baby. We were now parents.

From the beginning of the pregnancy I had no specific way I wanted the birth to go. All that mattered to me was that the baby arrived healthy and safely. Even if I was induced, and even if the epidural did wear off, in the end that is exactly what happened. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kian Xander Olmstead Khan
Born November 23rd, 2016 @ 3:34 am
7lbs 3oz, 20 inches