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December 23, 2016

Kian | One Month Old

Today Kian is officially one month old! Holy smokes time really does fly by when you are sleep deprived and your life is nothing but changing diapers and feedings. It both feels like it’s been forever and like he was born just yesterday. Also it’s crazy how much he has already grown and changed in just one month. Here’s a quick look at what’s happened over the last month…


  • Weight – 9 lbs 12.5 oz
  • Length – 21.5 inches


  • Little Man
  • Monkey
  • Squirmy Wormy
  • Boo (by Nani)


  • 16-18 hours per day
  • 2-3 hour stretches during the day
  • 4-4.5 hour stretches at night
  • Sleeps in his Dock-A-Tot between us in our king bed


  • Breastmilk via a bottle (I exclusively pump)
  • 3-4 ounces per feeding (6-8 feedings per day)
  • 24-27 ounces per day
  • Occasionally spits up a little bit after eating


  • Nani’s voice (he becomes transfixed when she talks to him)
  • Peeing immediately after a shower/bath before his diaper is on
  • Bright lights and the ceiling fan
  • Water running over his head/hair
  • Sleeping with his hands up in the air


  • Being swaddled or having his arms constricted
  • When he is initially put in the carseat
  • Diaper and outfit changes
  • Being naked when it’s chilly


  • First real smile(s)
  • First real shower with Mommy
  • Surpassed his birth weight
  • Starting to wear some of the smaller 0-3 month old clothes
  • Can hold his head up for 10-15 seconds during tummy time
  • First diaper blowout (while at the doctor, at less than one week old)

Dear Kian –

I can’t believe you have already been a part of our lives for one month. The first few days with you were tough. We couldn’t get the hang of breastfeeding because of a tongue tie you had (which we didn’t know until you were 4+ days old). The second night in the hospital I ended up crying a lot because you nursed for 9+ hours but were still hungry. The nurses assured me this was normal, but it was so hard and heartbreaking. During our first night home from the hospital you ended up crying for hours on end. When we took you to see your pediatrician he recommended we supplement with formula since you had lost nearly 13% of your birth weight (up to 10% is considered normal). The minute you got some good food on your tummy you were so much happier and we breathed sighs of relief. Once my milk finally came in (around five days postpartum) I was able to establish a good pumping rhythm and you have been eating like a champ since.

Remember how I wondered if all the pain/misery of pregnancy and childbirth would be worth it? Well, it definitely was/is. We really hit the jackpot with how easy going you are. We are thankful you aren’t particularly fussy unless you are super hungry or if you are struggling to poop. And even though we were pretty sure you were going to “stick it to us” by being a difficult sleeper (because we love sleep so much and that’s how karma works), it turns out you are a fantastic sleeper! You don’t need to be swaddled (which is a good thing since we can’t seem to figure out how to properly swaddle) and even though you startle during your sleep from time to time, you never wake up. Also, you are a very quiet sleeper, which is quite lovely and means we are getting more sleep than expected. We’ve visited restaurants, various stores, and even the mall (for some last minute Christmas shopping). Nothing seems to phase you and you generally just sleep the whole time. Thanks for being so awesome.

During your first month you got to spend time with ALL of your grandparents; Gramma and Granpa flew in from Vermont, Dadi and Dada have been over many times, and even Nani came in from North Carolina. You’ve also met some family friends, and many of Mommy and Daddy’s friends too! Pretty much everyone loves you and dotes on you so much. You’re gonna have lots of people who want to babysit you. We will have to take them up on the offers!

All of your fur siblings are getting used to you being around, which is good. Of your doggy siblings Ursa and Jackson of course took to you right away (I think Ursa loves you the most). It took Chance a little time, but the other day he even gave you a kiss on your feet! Of your kitty siblings Watson seems to be the most fond of you, even cuddling up next to you on the bed. Merlin is curious but mostly sticks by your Dad. Gabby, well I am not even sure if she has noticed your arrival. It’s probably because she is older.

The last few days you’ve been starting to smile more in response to us and it’s been awesome. You have such a cute smile. It makes us melt pretty much every single time. I think you are going to be a happy and smiley kid. I can’t wait to see more of your personality develop. You’ve also started focusing your eyes more. You like to look at people, as well as the big ceiling fan in our bedroom, and any kind of bright light. You’ve got a good little stare and can really focus for long periods of times. It makes us wonder what’s going through your head.

We are very lucky to be your parents, and we are so excited to have you as part of the family. You’re so cute and cuddly and we already love you so much. We look forward to watching you grow and become your own little person. Until next month…