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November 7, 2016

Pregnancy | Third Trimester Thoughts

Sunday, November 6th, marked 38 weeks into my pregnancy, which  means the baby is full term (technically full term is 37 weeks and on). Since theoretically the baby could decide to make its debut at any moment, which is actually terrifying to think about, I figured it was time to share some thoughts about the third trimester. My second trimester saw the arrival of mood swings, the intense need to pee ALL THE TIME, and some serious swelling. The third trimester continued that trend and brought some additional friends.

MOOD SWINGS: I thought the hormonal mood swings I experienced in the second trimester were “extreme” (or at least extreme by my standards since I am a robot). Well let me tell you that the last few weeks have blown that thought out of the water. While I definitely had a bit of a shorter fuse in the second trimester, I never actually felt like I was out of control of my emotions or being irrational. However, as the weeks progressed in my third trimester I definitely felt like I was slowly losing control and that it was a matter a time before I finally broke down and cried or snapped. I finally did that about a week ago after a few extremely rough nights of sleep (or complete lack there of). The extreme exhaustion combined with general physical discomfort and overall anxiety resulted in me turning into a crying mess for a good 5-10 minutes. Poor Shiraz had to deal with me blubbering and making no sense and getting angry at him over something I normally would not care a lick about. Eventually the moment passed and I called it a night and went to bed. Mostly my mood seems to fluctuate between “I’m so tired I could sleep for the next year”, “Holy crap I need to clean and organize everything in the house for the umpteenth time”, and “WHAT HAVE WE GOTTEN OURSELVES INTO? I AM SO NOT READY FOR THIS!”. Which leads me to my next point…

ANXIETY: Back in the early second trimester I wrote a short post about some of the anxiety I have around having a child. As the weeks have continued and the due date has drawn closer the anxiety has only increased. Some of it is the same continued anxiety about being good parents, about liking parenthood, about not sleeping, and about our dogs taking to the child. Some of it is new, such as what kind of country we are bringing our child into (thanks to the rather disgusting 2016 election), how much labor and birth is going to hurt, the subsequent postpartum recovery, what are we going to do for childcare when we return to work, and of course the anxiety around not actually knowing the exact date the child will make its debut (which is seriously maddening). To handle all this stress and anxiety I often remind myself that people have been parenting for millennia and that if they can do it, so can I. I also look to Shiraz and my network of family and friends for encouragement and reassurance. And when none of that works, frankly I just let it terrify me for a couple minutes, and then think about something else.

35 Weeks

SYMPHYSIS PUBIS DYSFUNCTION: I was lucky enough to make it through nearly the entire pregnancy with minimal physical discomfort (outside of having to always pee and the nausea). That all came to a screeching halt in the last few weeks when I developed SPD. This lovely condition makes it so every single step I take, and even getting out of bed, causes severe pain in my pubic region. It is affectionally dubbed “fire crotch”, an incredibly accurate descriptor of how it feels. It has gotten to the point where I heavily minimize how much I am out of bed and moving around, which frankly is quite frustrating as moving around can help to induce and speed up labor. There are some physical therapy exercises you can do which help to lessen the pain, but the only cure for this condition is giving birth. Come on kid, it’s time to get out.

SWELLING. OH THE SWELLING!: I thought the swelling of the second trimester was bad. At this point I have two pairs of shoes that I can wear. My feet are the size of shoeboxes, the cankles have arrived in full-force, and my fingers look like marshmallows. I am pretty sure I could fill a tub with all the extra water I am retaining.

38 Weeks

While the last 38 weeks+ of pregnancy have been difficult for me I do know that I am lucky. Though we had a couple small scares (bleeding and false labor), overall this has been a relatively complication free and textbook pregnancy. For that I am extremely thankful. That being said I am ready for this baby to vacate the premises and I am in no rush to do this again anytime soon. In the meantime, until he makes his debut, I am going to go back to watching Netflix in bed while I wear the only pair of pajamas that currently fit (now that I am on leave I don’t intend to put on real clothes until after giving birth).